Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I show Courageous at my church?

A: Churches around the country are showing Courageous to the members of their church and to the community at large. Reports from these churches tell of great outreach events and increased attendance in response.

In order to show Courageous in any public setting, you will need to order a Site License from Provident Films. Home entertainment DVDs are licensed only for home use. The Provident Films/Sherwood Pictures releases are not covered by CVLI (Christian Video Licensing Inc.) or MPLC (Motion Picture Licensing Corp.). You can learn more about hosting a Courageous Movie Event here.

Licenses are also available for Fireproof, Facing the Giants and Flywheel.


Q: How can I get into filmmaking?

A: Sherwood Pictures produced a Movie Production CD-ROM that tells how Fireproof and Facing the Giants were made. Included in this resource are the production files used to organize the shoot, the Sherwood prayer strategy and team values, organizational spreadsheets, descriptions of how they broke down the script into a shooting schedule, a call sheet, and key contacts they used to make the movie. You can obtain this resource from Sherwood’s Online Bookstore.


Q: Can I volunteer for the next movie? I’d like to be an actor or crew member?

There are currently no projects planned or being planned for Sherwood Pictures. If this changes, we will post the information on this website.


Q: Can I send Sherwood my script or synopsis?

A: Sherwood does not accept any ideas, scripts, books, or screenplays, even for review.


Q: Can I submit my music for use in an upcoming film?

A: Through the combined efforts of Sherwood and Provident, the music for the movies is covered. Mark Willard, Sherwood’s Senior Associate Pastor for Music, scores the movies. In addition, through Provident Films’ involvement, the soundtracks feature great songs from the Provident Music label artists.


Q: How can I request a speaker from Sherwood to come to my church, school, or ministry event?

A: Please contact Premiere Speakers to make speaking requests.


Q. Does Sherwood Pictures offer internships?

A. Sherwood Pictures does not offer internships. Please contact our distributor, Provident, for possible internships.


Q. Can Sherwood Pictures help me get my book published?

A. Unfortunately, Sherwood Pictures cannot help with this process. We would recommend contacting your local bookstore, which offer several guidance books on writing, along with submission policies to publishers. You can also hire a book agent who comes along side writers and help them get their works published.


Q. Where can I find internet safety software for my computer?

A. We recommend Covenant Eyes for accountability and content filtering.